月亮 - 理想自然度假屋 - 適合疫情期間安全住宿 - 自助式入住 - 位於 8 英畝泥土路底 - 壯麗山景 - 理想社交距離及隔離 - 歡迎長住 - 超讚房東支援

La Luna: Ideal Nature Retreat to Stay Safe From Pandemic - Self Check-in - at the end of a Dirt Road on 8 Acres. Magnificent Mountain Views. Ideal for Social Distancing and Isolation! Long Stays Welcome, Super-host s相片集

4 間臥室、書桌、免費 Wi-Fi
4 間臥室、書桌、免費 Wi-Fi

月亮 - 理想自然度假屋 - 適合疫情期間安全住宿 - 自助式入住 - 位於 8 英畝泥土路底 - 壯麗山景 - 理想社交距離及隔離 - 歡迎長住 - 超讚房東支援簡介


月亮 - 理想自然度假屋 - 適合疫情期間安全住宿 - 自助式入住 - 位於 8 英畝泥土路底 - 壯麗山景 - 理想社交距離及隔離 - 歡迎長住 - 超讚房東支援

La Luna: Ideal Nature Retreat to Stay Safe From Pandemic - Self Check-in - at the end of a Dirt Road on 8 Acres. Magnificent Mountain Views. Ideal for Social Distancing and Isolation! Long Stays Welcome, Super-host s

3.5 星級住宿
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  • 免費 Wi-Fi
  • 廚房
  • 非吸煙
  • 空調
  • 雪櫃
  • 洗衣設施
180 Pacheco Road, Llano, NM, 87543
  • 空調
  • 自助洗衣
  • 4 間睡房
  • 廚房
  • 電視
  • 庭院
  • 洗衣設施
  • 咖啡機/沖茶器




  • 卡森國家森林 - 1 分鐘車程;0.2 公里/0.1 英里
  • 錫帕普滑雪度假村 - 26 分鐘車程;22.7 公里/14.1 英里
  • 奇瑪約教堂 - 50 分鐘車程;38.8 公里/24.1 英里
  • 盧盧低底盤轎車藝術廣場 - 50 分鐘車程;39 公里/24.2 英里
  • 陶斯廣場 - 47 分鐘車程;46.6 公里/29 英里
  • 陶斯藝術博物館 - 47 分鐘車程;46.9 公里/29.2 英里
  • 潔卡森公園 - 47 分鐘車程;47.1 公里/29.3 英里
  • 陶斯山賭場 - 51 分鐘車程;49.1 公里/30.5 英里


  • 陶斯, 新墨西哥 (TSM-陶斯地方機場) - 60 分鐘車程;60.1 公里/37.3 英里




月亮 - 理想自然度假屋 - 適合疫情期間安全住宿 - 自助式入住 - 位於 8 英畝泥土路底 - 壯麗山景 - 理想社交距離及隔離 - 歡迎長住 - 超讚房東支援


Check in time: 4:00 PM Checkout: 10:00 AM 

BEFORE entry is granted:

You must provide us a picture of your government ID and be over the age of 25 to book this property. You must cancel if you are under 25 years old.

Your government ID must match the name and picture on the Airbnb account.

We must get in contact with you on the number we see listed on your Airbnb account. No answer, no entry.

Pets allowed with a pet fee of $250 and please ask management

Commercial vehicles must be approved by management, please ask management.

You must provide an accurate guest count.

DURING your stay:

baby bundle add -on available for $50

No smoking indoors - $500 smoking fine

No parties or events - undisclosed guests warrants immediate eviction or additional fees.

Quiet time after 10pm. 

Lock + secure the property when going out

Do not leave doors left open


Must be completely checked out at 10am.

Follow the “departure day checklist email” instructions 

Additional rules


DON'T send mail. We do not accept mail at this property. Anything mailed to the property will be RETURNED TO SENDER. We are not responsible to help you recover your packages.


Please treat this home as if it were yours and leave the property as you found it. This home is for not events, conferences or groups that want to entertain large parties. We welcome quiet couples or families. If the property is left exceptionally dirty, such as perishable foods left in the kitchen, dirty dishes in the sink, furniture rearranged, or trash not taken care of, there will be an extra fee of up to $500.

Late Checkout:

Unauthorized late check -outs will result in additional fees, depending on the time of checkout. We clearly communicate our 10am checkout, and our cleaner's schedule cannot be changed without penalty to us. If you fail to check out by 10am you will be charged half of the nightly rate for the property. Staying past agreed checkout time is considered trespassing. 

Same -Day Bookings:

Same day bookings with no past reviews are subject to additional scrutiny and require approval from Newman Hospitality; please provide information on your group and purpose of your stay. Once you have been approved, you will also have to provide a government -issued ID for age and identity verification and your phone number must match the number on your Airbnb account. Same day reservation will not be considered after 2:00pm. All same -day reservations require at least 3 hours before check -in. Regular check -in time might not apply.


Newman Hospitality is not responsible for outages by Internet and Cable companies. While we want our guests to have everything they need, we are not in control of certain internet or cable issues. The same way Xfinity does not refund us for issues on their end, we cannot be held accountable and we cannot give refunds for those issues that are out of our control, like when a modem needs to be replaced and Xfinity can’t make it out for a few days.

Copyright Infringement:

Absolutely no illegal downloads. We will charge $50 if discovered.


If the property has a pool: We service all of our pools weekly. Due to our tropical surroundings and lush vegetation, it is expected that debris will fall in the pool which might give the appearance that the pool isn’t clean. Our technicians maintain the pools with the necessary chemicals weekly and we cannot them send out only to sweep up the debris that falls into the pool daily. We have pool skimmers available for our guests to clean the pool to their liking. In cases where the pool is found exceptionally dirty or if there are items other than vegetation found in the pool, please contact management. 


This property is equipped with security cameras on the outside of the property. We use these cameras to monitor during check in to verify accurate guest count and review footage if there is an incident. The cameras are all outside.

This property is equipped with NoiseAware. NoiseAware works like a smoke detector, but for noise. Our simple plug & play sensors track the decibel levels at your property, evaluate other risk factors and send an alert via text or email if the noise levels exceed your chosen threshold level.

Amenity Stock and Restock:

We provide enough trash bags, paper towels, toilet paper, and other home items for about 3 days of use. Beyond that, it is the responsibility of the guest to take care.

During Covid -19: 

We are committed to doing everything we can to help adapt to this Global Pandemic. We ask ourselves, what we would want in a Vacation Rental during these times?

1.    Super clean sanitized Home

2.    Total Privacy

Clean Home.

We have always taken pride in our cleaners; Since the outbreak, our cleaners have studied and adopted cleaning guidelines from the CDC. We’ve added to our cleaning checklist to thoroughly disinfect all touch -points in the home. (Smart -lock keypad or lockbox, ALL door handles, cabinet handles). Our cleaning fee is always priced above our competitors because we pay our cleaners well above the market rate and they do a superb job. Read our reviews!!

Total Privacy.

We are now allowing self -checkins at all of our properties. We will require some information and phone contact with you before your arrival, but you will not see anyone in person at the home. There will be no surprise or unwanted visits. We understand that distance is essential during these times.

Property Description:

*  Pets allowed with a pet fee of $250 and please ask management

The Space:

This home resides in the hidden mountains of Llano New Mexico. The house has 9 acres of property, making it great for outdoor excursions. The surrounding area has a lot to offer

Epic snow fall - take advantage of last minute cancellation - last availability for January

20 minutes from Sipapu family ski resort

Nature, Mountains, Bordering National Park

This vacation home is set in a rural area, hidden away in the mountains of New Mexico. We chose this home because it is quiet, secluded, and simply beautiful. Conveniently located 20 minutes away from Sipapu Ski Resort, family owned, it is often cited as the hidden gem of New Mexico. The property itself has 9 acres, home to a small creek, and a sprawled out forest that dips down from the back of the house. The surrounding view is expansive, featuring mountain ranges, and rolling hills.  



  • 登記入住時間為 16:00 - 0:00
  • 登記入住年齡下限—28 歲
  • 退房時間為 09:00


  • 新型肺炎旅遊限制


  • 旅客將於抵達前收到內含特別登記入住指示及鎖箱資料的電郵
  • 請於抵達住宿前至少 48 小時與住宿聯絡,以安排入住事宜,聯絡資料載於預訂確認書


  • 需以信用卡、扣帳卡或現金按金繳付雜費
  • 或須提供由政府發出且附有照片之身份證明文件
  • 辦理入住手續的最低年齡為 28 歲



  • 免費 Wi-Fi


  • 雪櫃
  • 爐具
  • 微波爐
  • 洗碗碟機
  • 咖啡機/沖茶器
  • 廚房用具/餐具/器皿


  • 4 間睡房


  • 2 間浴室


  • 電視


  • 庭院


  • 洗衣設施


  • 書桌


  • 空調


  • 禁煙住宿


  • 位處山區
  • 位處鄉村地區



Property Registration Number No Registration ID


NM La Luna