所有塔拉曼卡維耶荷港, 利蒙 (省), 哥斯達黎加住宿


旅舍,設有 20 間海灘酒吧,鄰近黑色海灘

  • 免費 Wi-Fi 及免費泊車


  • 標準客房, 多張床, 獨立浴室, 花園景 - 客房景觀
  • 標準客房, 多張床, 獨立浴室, 花園景 - 客房景觀
  • 傳統樹屋, 男女混合宿舍, 露台 - 露台
  • 傳統樹屋, 男女混合宿舍, 露台 - 共用廚房
  • 標準客房, 多張床, 獨立浴室, 花園景 - 客房景觀
標準客房, 多張床, 獨立浴室, 花園景 - 客房景觀,第 1 張相片,共 61 張。
1 / 61標準客房, 多張床, 獨立浴室, 花園景 - 客房景觀
Calle 213, 塔拉曼卡維耶荷港, 70403, Limón, 哥斯達黎加
  • The owner is so nice, and its a really cool place, you feel like you are a bit away from…


  • They overbooked and didn't let us check in. We had booked earlier in the day after an…


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  • 免費 Wi-Fi
  • 免費泊車



  • 5 間共用客房
  • 每日客房清潔服務
  • 鄰近海灘
  • 餐廳及 20 間海灘酒吧
  • 附近有免費海灘俱樂部
  • 24 小時商務中心


  • 摺床/加床 (另外收費)
  • 煮食用品、餐具和器皿
  • 爐具
  • 雪櫃
  • 可提供連接/鄰接的客房
  • 獨立休息區


  • 普拉亞科克萊斯 - 步行 25 分鐘
  • 黑色海灘 - 步行 3 分鐘
  • 卡維塔國家公園 - 4 公里
  • 蓬塔翁華海灘 - 7.3 公里
  • 大海灘 - 10.4 公里
  • 甘多佳曼莎妮蘿國家野生生物保護區 - 13.6 公里


提提你,儲齊 10 個印花即可兌換 1 晚獎賞*住宿

為 2 位旅客輸入日期

  • 傳統樹屋, 男女混合宿舍, 露台
  • 傳統帳篷, 花園景


Calle 213, 塔拉曼卡維耶荷港, 70403, Limón, 哥斯達黎加
  • 普拉亞科克萊斯 - 步行 25 分鐘
  • 黑色海灘 - 步行 3 分鐘
  • 卡維塔國家公園 - 4 公里



  • 普拉亞科克萊斯 - 步行 25 分鐘
  • 黑色海灘 - 步行 3 分鐘
  • 卡維塔國家公園 - 4 公里
  • 蓬塔翁華海灘 - 7.3 公里
  • 大海灘 - 10.4 公里
  • 甘多佳曼莎妮蘿國家野生生物保護區 - 13.6 公里
  • 布蘭卡海灘 - 16.5 公里
  • 尼格拉海灘 - 17.2 公里


  • 聖荷西 (SJO胡安·聖瑪麗亞國際機場) - 163.4 公里/101.5 英里
  • 聖何塞 (SYQ-托比亞波拉諾斯國際機場) - 155.3 公里/96.5 英里



  • 5 間客房


  • 入住時間:13:00-11:00
  • 退房時間: 11:00


  • 新型肺炎提示:旅遊限制急速變化,目的地或設行前檢測及到埗檢疫等安排。


櫃台服務時間:每日 07:00 - 23:00。看門員或前台職員將親自迎接旅客到埗。


  • 需以現金按金繳付雜費
  • 或須提供由政府發出且附有照片之身份證明文件


  • 未提供嬰兒床


  • 寵物免費入住


  • 免費 Wi-Fi 服務 (公用地方)
  • 免費客房 Wi-Fi


  • 店內免費提供自助泊車服務
* 其他詳情或額外收費請參閱注意事項



  • 20 間海灘酒吧
  • 餐廳
  • 小食店
  • 公用地方供應咖啡/茶
  • 公共地方設有雪櫃


  • 酒店提供單車租借服務
  • 酒店提供生態遊活動
  • 鄰近行山/單車徑
  • 附近有山地單車


  • 24小時商務中心


  • 櫃台服務 (有時間限制)
  • 旅遊/票務協助
  • 洗衣設施
  • 行李寄存
  • 多國語言工作人員


  • 前台保險箱
  • 指定吸煙區
  • 花園
  • 大堂壁爐


  • 法語
  • 英語
  • 西班牙語



  • 吊扇
  • 咖啡機/沖茶器


  • 院落
  • 壁爐
  • 獨特裝潢
  • 個別獨立裝潢
  • 獨立休息區
  • 庭院


  • 只提供淋浴


  • 免費 Wi-Fi


  • 雪櫃
  • 爐具
  • 煮食用品、餐具和器皿
  • 免費樽裝水


  • 每天客房清潔服務
  • 可提供連接/鄰接的客房
  • 共用住宿



  • 貝塔生活生態計劃青年旅舍Hostel
  • 貝塔生活生態計劃青年旅舍塔拉曼卡維耶荷港
  • 貝塔生活生態計劃青年旅舍Hostel塔拉曼卡維耶荷港
  • Beta Life Eco Proyecto Hostel Puerto Viejo de Talamanca
  • Beta Life Eco Proyecto Hostel Hostel/Backpacker accommodation


可提供床,但需額外支付每日 USD 9.0






  • 是。貝塔生活生態計劃青年旅舍在我們網站上有提供可全額退款的客房,於登記入住前幾日取消預訂即可。有關具體條款及細則,請務必參閱此住宿的取消預訂政策。
  • 是的,此住宿設有免費自助泊車服務。
  • 是的,寵物可入住。
  • 你可於 13:00 至 11:00 登記入住。退房時間為 11:00。
  • 是的,此住宿附設餐廳。附近餐廳包括 Como en mi Casa (3 分鐘步程)、Café Rico (4 分鐘步程) 及 Madre Tierra (4 分鐘步程)。
  • 歡迎暢玩遠足及越野單車等附近活動。店內其他休閒康樂節目包括生態遊。你可充分善用20 間海灘酒吧、花園及附近健身俱樂部使用權等其他設施/服務。
  • 2.0.欠佳

    They overbooked and then we had to look for another place to stay. It was unfortunate to have to go door to door to find another place after we arrived. There was no check in information on expedia so we had no timeline expectations.

    1 晚旅遊, 2019年02月23日

    Expedia 旅客真實評價

  • 2.0.欠佳

    If you book a private room - forget it.

    Booked and confirmed a private room with bathroom. Ended up staying in a room with no lockable door (wood frame with coconut leaves to cover), shared bathroom that was filthy, no toilet door only a curtain. The volunteers seemed more intent on sitting around making "funky" art then actually cleaning or caring for the property. There was clothing draped everywhere. When I complained the stand in manager was super helpful and really nice explaining that workers were staying in the room that we had booked (she was most apologetic) and offered a refund. She mentioned that she had only been there a week and was suitably empathetic. I did a little checking and she had been there months so not sure that I wasn't just being placated. Certainly there was no refund in sight. Bottom line, if you are a hippy that doesn't need clean but wants to kick it with like minded people, book it. The location is great and the people were certainly friendly enough.

    David, 1 晚浪漫之旅, 2019年02月15日

    Hotels.com 旅客真實評價

  • 6.0.不錯

    Interesting stay

    While we didn't hate our stay, there's still heaps of room for improvement. They say this place isn't a hostel, they are using it as a way to fund their project. The place is a traditional house that the bribri people live in, so that's really interesting. It's like a tree house. There are no fans anywhere, and it was very hot during the day. The area to "chill out" was quite uncomfortable and small - if there was even a fan here, it would improve the experience so much, it was just that hot (even though it's winter). It's also quite dirty, the kitchen and bathroom weren't very clean. There's no hot water in the shower. The volunteers were nice, and you can have meals at the property. I am glad to have stayed there, but I wouldn't return.

    3 晚浪漫之旅, 2019年02月09日

    Hotels.com 旅客真實評價

  • 10.0.完美

    Amazing experience!!!

    We could not have found a more perfect place to stay while in Puerto Viejo. It was a block or two from the town center. It was clean and comfortable. There was a great sense of community there. The host, Martin, was very warm and welcoming. We stayed in the private room with a private bath. Very laid back vibe with nothing but positive energy flowing. Very creative and artistic atmosphere. Staying here gives you a genuine sense of the local life and vibe of Puerto Viejo. I would highly recommend this place. Thank you Martin and all of the volunteers for a beautiful experience.

    Amy, 2晚好友同遊, 2018年09月26日

    Hotels.com 旅客真實評價

  • 10.0.完美

    Nice place with interesting projects, l experienced a different way of living, more close to the nature. They have a comunity kitchen with nice and cheap vegan food, and probiotics fermentations. I got a chance to saw them working on cacao production and chocolate making, so you can have strange smells or flies around the kitchen. It a little jungle in the city, like indigenous house with open spaces and roof top micro houses. The staff is cool and helpfull if you need anything don't be afraid to ask. You can see some animals as well like a frog came in my room at night so don't leave some food on a floor, and you can see lezards and insects around. They dont use any chemicals at all.

    1晚好友同遊, 2019年07月27日

    Expedia 旅客真實評價

  • 10.0.完美

    Wonderful time, wonderful people, lots of animals and a private mini jungle with great food!! loved it!

    1 晚旅遊, 2019年03月21日

    Expedia 旅客真實評價

  • 10.0.完美

    This was seriously the best hostel i‘ve ever stayed in! It is an eco project, which is nothing but truth!! Thanks to those very special human beings you will meet there it shows you the road back to yourself, away from luxury directly into pure nature, „Pura Vida“ in it’s core! There is everything one could need, wonderful and very special vibes, Yoga possibilities, real chocolate, friendly advice, fresh bananas and loads of lovely handmade things, either to eat or any other need you could have :) like a big family you Share a Short Time of your Life with each other, right in middle of nature, but still in the center of Puerto Viejo. The Kolibris, Geckos, the very unique self- built (!!!) structure, which actually is a piece of architectural art, the unbelievably various nature that surrounds you drags you into a new form of happiness. Even if there had been really evil people, that stole from the project, those lovely people never gave up hope and live true positivity and love will improve your life for sure! I will be back very soon, I love you all, it was an honor I could meet you sweethearts!!! PURA VIDA! Much love, Lou

    1 晚旅遊, 2019年03月17日

    Expedia 旅客真實評價

  • 2.0.欠佳

    Lieu miteux, n'y mettez pas les pieds

    Etablissement sale, matelas dépassés depuis 15 ans, avec odeur tenace nauséabonde, sanitaires sales, peu pratiques et qui fonctionnent mal, cuisine dans un état lamentable, quasiement aucun sièges ni table pour manger ou se poser dans l'établissement, moustiquaires trouées et tachées à l'excès, personnel peu accueillant (mise à part une sympathique volontaire), chambre sans aération et avant nos insistantes demandes sans ventilateur, ...

    2 晚浪漫之旅, 2019年02月18日

    Hotels.com 旅客真實評價

  • 2.0.欠佳


    Le lieu est simplement INSALUBRE. Ca n'a rien à faire sur Hotels.com

    Christian, 2 晚旅遊, 2019年02月18日

    Hotels.com 旅客真實評價

  • 2.0.欠佳

    Es un sitio espantoso.. Para la familia todos andan fumando parecen drogados no respetan la privacidad osea muy feo

    2 晚旅遊, 2019年02月16日

    Expedia 旅客真實評價

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