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VBL 青年旅舍 - 只招待成人

只招待成人的旅舍,鄰近Sliema 渡輪

  • 免費 Wi-Fi


  • Double Room, City View (Lovely House. Valletta) - 露台
  • Double Room, City View (Lovely House. Valletta) - 露台
  • Double Room, City View (Lovely House. Valletta) - 露台
  • Single Room, City View (Lovely House. Valletta) - 露台
  • Double Room, City View (Lovely House. Valletta) - 露台
Double Room, City View (Lovely House. Valletta) - 露台,第 1 張相片,共 36 張。
1 / 36Double Room, City View (Lovely House. Valletta) - 露台
54 Marsamxett Road, 瓦萊塔, VLT1853, 馬爾他
  • The apartment is quite nice and beautifully located in Velleta. My trip was last minute,…


  • The little lovely house hostal fulfilled all my needs, really affordable , single room,…


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  • 住宿有妥善消毒
  • 職員有配戴個人保護裝備
  • 住宿確認有加強清潔措施
  • 於主要接觸區域以保護屏分隔職員及旅客
  • 設有社交距離措施
  • 為旅客提供防護衣物
  • 為旅客提供口罩
  • 為旅客提供手套
  • 為旅客提供免費酒精搓手液
  • 免費 Wi-Fi
  • 機場接送



  • 3 間客房
  • 機場接駁車
  • 洗熨服務
  • 操多國語言的服務人員
  • 行李寄存
  • 旅行團諮詢/購票服務


  • 瓦萊塔市中心
  • Sliema 渡輪 - 步行 3 分鐘
  • 大港灣 - 步行 3 分鐘
  • 下巴拉卡花園 - 步行 9 分鐘
  • 馬爾他體驗 - 步行 9 分鐘
  • 上巴拉卡花園 - 步行 10 分鐘


提提你,儲齊 10 個印花即可兌換 1 晚獎賞*住宿

為 2 位旅客輸入日期

  • 共用宿舍, 男女混合宿舍, 城市景
  • Single Room, City View (Lovely House. Valletta)
  • Double Room, City View (Lovely House. Valletta)


54 Marsamxett Road, 瓦萊塔, VLT1853, 馬爾他
  • 瓦萊塔市中心
  • Sliema 渡輪 - 步行 3 分鐘
  • 大港灣 - 步行 3 分鐘



  • 瓦萊塔市中心
  • Sliema 渡輪 - 步行 3 分鐘
  • 大港灣 - 步行 3 分鐘
  • 下巴拉卡花園 - 步行 9 分鐘
  • 馬爾他體驗 - 步行 9 分鐘
  • 上巴拉卡花園 - 步行 10 分鐘
  • 聖埃爾莫堡 - 步行 13 分鐘
  • 巴魯塔海灣 - 步行 27 分鐘
  • 斯利馬海濱散步道 - 步行 27 分鐘
  • Saint Julian's Bay - 步行 30 分鐘
  • 加爾默羅教堂 - 步行 2 分鐘


  • 魯卡 (MLA-馬爾他國際機場) - 10 分鐘車程,8.5 公里/5.3 英里
  • 機場接駁車 (收費)



  • 3 間客房
  • 共 1 層


  • 登記入住開始時間 15:00
  • 退房時間: 10:00


  • 新型肺炎提示:旅遊限制急速變化,目的地或設行前檢測及到埗檢疫等安排。


此酒店不設櫃台。請於抵達酒店前至少 24 小時與酒店聯絡,以安排入住事宜,聯絡資料載於預訂確認書。旅客須聯絡住宿查詢登記入住指示。


  • 需以信用卡、扣帳卡或現金按金繳付雜費
  • 或須提供由政府發出且附有照片之身份證明文件
  • 住客必須為 18 歲或以上
  • 辦理入住手續的最低年齡為 18 歲


  • 未提供嬰兒床


  • 不准寵物進入


  • 免費 Wi-Fi 服務 (公用地方)
  • 免費客房 Wi-Fi


  • 機場接駁車*


  • 店內不設泊車位


  • 只接待成人
* 其他詳情或額外收費請參閱注意事項



  • 旅遊/票務協助
  • 乾洗/洗衣服務
  • 洗衣設施
  • 行李寄存
  • 多國語言工作人員


  • 建築物/大樓數目 - 1
  • 指定吸煙區


  • 意大利語
  • 法語
  • 英語
  • 西班牙語



  • 咖啡機/沖茶器


  • 只提供淋浴


  • 免費 Wi-Fi


  • 微波爐



  • VBL 青年旅舍 - 只招待成人瓦萊塔
  • Vbl Hostel – Valletta
  • VBL Hostel – Adults only Valletta
  • VBL Hostel – Adults only Hostel/Backpacker accommodation
  • VBL 青年旅舍 - 只招待成人Hostel
  • VBL 青年旅舍 - 只招待成人Hostel瓦萊塔
  • Boutique Living Adults
  • Valletta Boutique Living Hostel Adults Only
  • VBL Hostel Adults Valletta
  • VBL Hostel Adults
  • VBL Adults Valletta
  • VBL Adults


可提供床,但需額外支付每晚 EUR 20.0

提供機場接送服務 (另外收費)











  • 服務設施附加費:EUR 0.50 / 每位 每晚



  • 此住宿確認以下事項:住宿採用消毒劑進行清潔。另外,住宿有向旅客提供酒精搓手液;住宿有實施社交距離措施,而且住宿職員穿戴個人保護裝備。請留意:上述資訊由我方合作夥伴提供。
  • 很抱歉,VBL 青年旅舍 - 只招待成人不設店內泊車位。
  • 很抱歉,恕不准攜帶寵物入住。
  • 你可於 15:00 開始登記入住。退房時間為 10:00。住宿可提供非接觸式退房服務。
  • 是的。附近餐廳包括 Legligin (3 分鐘步程)、Taproom (3 分鐘步程) 及 Rubino (3 分鐘步程)。
  • 是的,來回機場接駁車有提供服務。
  • 否,此旅舍不設娛樂場,惟德拉戈納拉賭場 (19 分鐘車程外) 就在附近。
  • 6.0.不錯

    The hostel is a bit complicated to find. If you put in the hostel name on Google Maps, it will direct you to the office and not to the hostel dorms... I didn't know this and I wish the hostel were aware of this and would either inform about this in their emails, or if possible, have it changed on Google Maps. The good thing is that I got help from the emergency phone when I couldn't find the place, but I think it would've been nicer for the person on the other end of the phone if I wouldn't have had to call in the first place, i.e. if I had known about this. The bathrooms were clean and modern, but there were only three of them on the ground floor (as far as I'm concerned) for the whole hostel, so in the busy season it could possibly get crowded, plus if your bed is on the second floor, you have to go up and down between the floors to access them. There were no doors to the dorms, only a big partitioning curtain separating the beds from the hallway. This could potentially be unsafe, along with the fact that the hostel is never staffed. I only stayed for a night so I didn't have problems, but I do think that since there isn't even a door that you can lock for the 'room', lockers should not be charged for, as it should be a basic feature of a hostel to feel a sense of safety of being able to at least lock the room at night with your belongings. All in all, the hostel was clean and tidy, but these are points that could and should be improved.

    1 晚旅遊, 2019年04月22日

    Expedia 旅客真實評價

  • 8.0.很好

    Handy downtown Valletta if you don't mind paperwor

    Room was ok. Somewhat awkward pre-registration and city-tax payment process, compounded by them initially including a cleaning fee which did not apply. Apart from that, communications were thorough and good, allowing for access and departure outside office hours (the apartment itself is not staffed). International power socket did not work for laptop charging, meaning a UK plug adaptor was essential. Location was very good for Valletta attractions and activities.

    Peter, 3 晚旅遊, 2018年10月11日

    Hotels.com 旅客真實評價

  • 6.0.不錯


    The best thing about this place is its location. Otherwise, it has a lot of walk-through levels that get really-really hot during the summer, and there is NO air conditioner. If you don't buy a locker in advance, then you don't get it, and there could be some confusion about it. The best thing about this place is the service that people provide! They answer right away, and they even delivered a locker key to me about 11pm, after I wrote an email to them about 20 minutes earlier. Just amazing!

    3 晚旅遊, 2018年07月12日

    Hotels.com 旅客真實評價

  • 8.0.很好

    Very cozy small room hidden between streets of the old Valetta. You also have a kitchen there that you can use with almost anything you need (no microwave). Minuses: the bed was too soft. And room is not really well maintained (water is running from the shower head, water is not going down etc). You also don't have anybody to fix your problems at the place. So as for me the price was too high.

    Marina, 4 晚旅遊, 2018年06月21日

    Hotels.com 旅客真實評價

  • 6.0.不錯

    De Boutique, sólo el nombre. Nada más

    Tuve la suerte de haberme comunicado antes de partir por mail, y ahí supe que los dormitorios estaban en otro lugar. Y como mi vuelo se retrasó, el taxista que me llevó lo conocía y no tuve problema. Es cómodo, limpio, pero muy básico. De no haber llevado un adaptador universal, no tenía luz por la noche. Hay luz general, pero se apagaba al poco tiempo. Un garrón. Tampoco tenía aire acondicionado, de modo que hubo que soportar el calor con ventiladores. Conozco la política de los hostels y no pretendo que me cambien las sábanas todos los días, pero tampoco es justo que no haya luz para maquillarse. Es para pasar una noche. No para una semana.

    Martha, 6 晚旅遊, 2019年09月02日

    Hotels.com 旅客真實評價

  • 6.0.不錯

    No fan

    The first time I stayed in the VBL hostel, is was OK. Not the cleanest, but they do their best, and what can you expect for this money? Check-in was a bit bothersome (and seems to invite cheating); the fact that you may not meet any staff during your stay is a bit weird. I imagine that there are people who would treat the place better if they felt more welcome, more aknowledged. Be that as it may: the bed was clean, the locker key was where is should be, and thouigh the room had no AC, the window was open and there was a moving fan wich covered most of the room. Kept me comfortable enough. I slept well, bt then again, I ususally do, no matter the circumstances. However, the second time I stayed with them I was in another room, or maybe I should add some scare quotes around the word "room", because it was'nt really a room: It had no window, and there were only some heavy curtains between the beds and the staircase, to create some semblance of privacy. Read that again: no window, heavy curtains. Also, of course, no AC, and NOT EVEN A FAN THIS TIME. It can get pretty hot and stuffy at night, in Valetta... I did not slep well.

    M.H., 1 晚旅遊, 2019年07月27日

    Hotels.com 旅客真實評價

  • 6.0.不錯

    Simpatico dormitorio popolare molto caro per quello che offre

    Alessandro, 1 晚商務旅遊, 2019年05月31日

    Hotels.com 旅客真實評價

  • 8.0.很好

    Réceptionnistes avec un Très bon accueil et compréhensible. Il faut savoir que l escalier pour accéder dans les chambres passe traverse les autres chambres. Cela peut être embêtant pour certain mais pas pour moi car j été ai dernier étage (3eme) Heureusement que le nettoyage est fait tous les jours car "certains résidents" ne savent pas trop vivre en communauté. L auberge de jeunesse est très bien situé. Merci pour ce séjour.

    3 晚旅遊, 2019年05月09日

    Expedia 旅客真實評價

  • 4.0.一般

    No hay recepción, ni rastro de contacto humano. Te envían un mail con un código para abrir la puerta y si por lo que sea te quedas fuera o pierdes el móvil, búscate la vida. Las camas están separadas de la escalera común sólo por uma cortina con lo que es muy fácil que te despierten, el check in es muy tarde y el check out muy temprano, la cama muy blanda, se me clavaban los muelles y se oían mucho los coches. Con lo que cobran podrían ofrecer algo mejor. El edificio tiene encanto pero es todo muy frío.

    1 晚旅遊, 2019年04月29日

    Expedia 旅客真實評價

  • 10.0.完美


    3 晚旅遊, 2019年02月01日

    Expedia 旅客真實評價

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