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  • 免費 Wi-Fi


  • 高級公寓, 2 間臥室, 海港景 - 特色相片
  • 高級公寓, 2 間臥室, 海港景 - 特色相片
  • 開放式客房 - 客廳
  • 高級公寓, 2 間臥室, 海港景 - 客廳
  • 高級公寓, 2 間臥室, 海港景 - 特色相片
高級公寓, 2 間臥室, 海港景 - 特色相片,第 1 張相片,共 41 張。
1 / 41高級公寓, 2 間臥室, 海港景 - 特色相片
  • 非常棒的公寓.....房間完全北歐風格


  • Short break in Copenhagen, apartment very clean with all you would expect of a high end…


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  • 免費 Wi-Fi
  • 廚房
  • 非吸煙



  • 4 間禁煙公寓
  • 每日客房清潔服務
  • 鄰近海灘
  • 可供應早餐
  • 酒吧/酒廊
  • 24 小時接待處


  • 嬰兒床 (另外收費)
  • 廚房
  • 煮食用品、餐具和器皿
  • 爐具
  • 雪櫃
  • 獨立浴室


  • 位於哥本哈根市中心
  • 蒂沃利公園 - 步行 5 分鐘
  • 尼哈芬 - 步行 19 分鐘
  • 哥本哈根歌劇院 - 步行 29 分鐘
  • 小美人魚 - 步行 40 分鐘
  • 丹麥國家博物館 - 步行 6 分鐘


提提你,儲齊 10 個印花即可兌換 1 晚獎賞*住宿

為 2 位旅客輸入日期

  • 高級公寓, 2 間臥室, 海港景
  • 開放式客房 (Apartment)



  • 位於哥本哈根市中心
  • 蒂沃利公園 - 步行 5 分鐘
  • 尼哈芬 - 步行 19 分鐘
  • 哥本哈根歌劇院 - 步行 29 分鐘
  • 小美人魚 - 步行 40 分鐘
  • 丹麥國家博物館 - 步行 6 分鐘
  • 市政廳廣場 - 步行 10 分鐘
  • 基督伯格堡宮殿 - 步行 13 分鐘
  • 斯特羅里耶 - 步行 14 分鐘
  • 哥本哈根大學 - 步行 15 分鐘
  • 圓塔 - 步行 18 分鐘


  • 卡斯特魯普機場 (CPH) - 18 分鐘車程,13.5 公里/8.4 英里
  • 哥本哈根 (ZGH-哥本哈根中央火車站) - 13 分鐘步程,1.1 公里/0.7 英里
  • 哥本哈根中央車站 - 13 分鐘步程,1.1 公里/0.7 英里
  • 諾里波特站 - 20 分鐘步程,1.6 公里/1 英里
  • 市政廳廣場站 - 10 分鐘步程,0.9 公里/0.5 英里
  • 老海岸站 - 13 分鐘步程,1.1 公里/0.7 英里
  • 冰島碼頭站 - 14 分鐘步程,1.2 公里/0.7 英里






  • 4 間公寓


  • 入住時間:14:00-18:00
  • 退房時間: 12:00


  • 新型肺炎提示:旅遊限制急速變化,目的地或設行前檢測及到埗檢疫等安排。


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  • 需以信用卡繳付雜費
  • 或須提供由政府發出且附有照片之身份證明文件
  • 辦理入住手續的最低年齡為 18 歲


  • 不准寵物進入


  • 免費 Wi-Fi 服務 (公用地方)
  • 免費客房 Wi-Fi


  • 店內不設泊車位


  • 禁止吸煙的場所
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語言:丹麥文, 英語



  • 每日提供歐陸早餐 (額外付費)
  • 酒吧/酒廊
  • 咖啡店


  • 24 小時前台接待
  • 旅遊/票務協助
  • 乾洗/洗衣服務
  • 洗衣設施


  • 丹麥文
  • 英語



  • 咖啡機/沖茶器
  • 熨斗/熨衫板


  • 獨立浴室
  • 只提供淋浴


  • 平面電視


  • 免費 Wi-Fi


  • 雪櫃
  • 廚房
  • 爐具
  • 煮食用品、餐具和器皿


  • 每天客房清潔服務



店內餐廳 - 此美式酒吧只供應輕便餐。



  • 歐家公寓酒店公寓酒店
  • Europahuset Apartments Aparthotel Copenhagen
  • 歐家公寓酒店哥本哈根
  • 歐家公寓酒店公寓酒店哥本哈根
  • Europahuset Apartments
  • Europahuset Apartments Aparthotel
  • Europahuset Apartments Copenhagen


歐陸早餐需額外收費,成人約為 DKK 75,小童約為 DKK 37.5

可提供搖籃/嬰兒床,收費為每晚 DKK 75





  • 是。歐家公寓酒店在我們網站上有提供可全額退款的客房,於登記入住前幾日取消預訂即可。有關具體條款及細則,請務必參閱此住宿的取消預訂政策。
  • 很抱歉,歐家公寓酒店不設店內泊車位。
  • 很抱歉,恕不准攜帶寵物入住。
  • 你可於 14:00 至 18:00 登記入住。退房時間為 12:00。
  • 是的。附近餐廳包括 Karla (5 分鐘步程)、Midtown Grill (5 分鐘步程) 及 Viva (5 分鐘步程)。
  • 10.0.完美

    The two bedroom apartment on the 17th floor has beautiful views of the city. It is centrally located and easy to reach tourist attractions by walking. The Tivoli is right up the street (a Copenhagen must see attraction), public transportation is nearby, and there are many restaurants. You definitely would want to stay here if you decide to visit Copenhagen. The staff at the reception desk was amazing- super friendly and helpful. The room was clean, modern, and had a washer and dryer in the unit. My family is mostly American, so we had high expectations. Our expectations were definitely exceeded. There is a large bath tub in the bathroom, for relaxing after a long day exploring this beautiful city. Plus, it seemed like anything we needed was promptly provided by the DanHostel staff. There does appear to be a hostel located in the same place, and the guests going in and out appeared to be your basic tourists from all over the world. It was nice to see other tourists who are exploring the town. All guests appeared clean, friendly and happy at this location, and they obviously had financial means for travel. There is a bar with food downstairs, a game room, and a play area for little kids. I am glad that I read the reviews for every property before visiting Copenhagen because this was the perfect place for my husband, my child, my nanny (Auntie Julie) and me! We were very comfortable. We cannot wait to return to this place!

    Amy, 2 晚家庭旅遊, 2019年09月07日

    Expedia 旅客真實評價

  • 8.0.很好

    I stayed at the apartment called "Uptown" and it was very modern, spacious, convenient with magnificent Copenhagen city view.

    5 晚浪漫之旅, 2019年08月14日

    Expedia 旅客真實評價

  • 10.0.完美

    Europahuset Apartment

    We found the apartment to be very spacious and clean. It was relatively quiet on the 17th floor, even though building was on a main thoroughfare.

    Shelly, 2 晚家庭旅遊, 2019年07月30日

    Hotels.com 旅客真實評價

  • 10.0.完美

    Fantastic apartment - great location! We had a wonderful stay in Copenhagen, the view from this apartment was amazing!

    3 晚家庭旅遊, 2019年07月04日

    Expedia 旅客真實評價

  • 6.0.不錯

    I have no idea what this property is like although I paid to stay here for two nights. I had accidentally booked another property (the Tivoli Hotel--really nice, check it out) and tried to cancel at this property via Expedia and via direct contact with the managers. No luck. I acknowledged that it was my mistake and offered to pay a penalty. They could have made money--my penalty fee plus a full rental to someone else (this was during the height of tourist season). But no, they wouldn't budge. I paid almost $1000 to not stay here. It's probably a lovely place and I acknowledge this was my error; I have nothing but good things to say about the people of Copenhagen and Denmark. But still, it kind of sucked that they knew I wasn't going to stay there, didn't stay there, and still had to pay $1000. Be warned before you click on Submit.

    2 晚家庭旅遊, 2019年06月28日

    Expedia 旅客真實評價

  • 10.0.完美

    The apartment is located on 17th Floor, the exceptional view worth a million dollars. Modern design, comfortable bed, well equipped kitchen. There are three windows and all of them had only blinds. Now when the night lasts only four hours it would be great to have heavy curtains as well.

    2 晚家庭旅遊, 2019年05月21日

    Expedia 旅客真實評價

  • 8.0.很好

    Great Location for Family City Break

    We went to Copenhagen for an Easter weekend break with our 1.5 year old son. The location of the apartments is excellent. For accessibility, there is a bus stop 250m away for an airport connection, you also have the central train station 10mins walk away. The Tivoli and shopping districts are also very close. We really enjoyed the view from the apartment. In the summer, depending on your apartment, you could even see the fireworks from Tivoli on Saturday night.The apartments on located on the 17th floor, so you have an excellent view whichever direction you face. Some downpoints - the building is 99% a hostel. This was a bit confusing at check in as the staff couldn't find our reservation (looking at hostel bookings) and it's not obvious (other than a small sign outside) that this was actually the right building for the apartments. There is a unique elevator system and we found that coming down from the apartment in the morning via elevator, we often had to wait up to 5 mins. Overall, we were happy with our stay. The kitchen made it possible to make meals in the apartment, and the separate bedroom meant we could put the baby to sleep while still having the living room for watching tv etc in the evening.

    Kevin, 4 晚家庭旅遊, 2019年04月18日

    Hotels.com 旅客真實評價

  • 10.0.完美

    Wonderful Wonderful Europahuset Apartments

    This is a fabulous place to stay We stayed in one of the apartments on the 17th floor, with the most wonderful views of Tivoli and the rest of Copenhagen, as the weather was great we had the most fabulous sunsets every evening . The apartment is so well appointed it was a bit like living in an IKEA catalogue. ( by the way there is no microwave ) Staff at the front desk was awesome and the place is so well run it is amazing to watch it all. The place is very clean. With four elevators, there is never any wait, you just press your room key against it and a message tells you what elevator to take. And the bar is a delight, we never went to breakfast as we had a wonderful kitchen. The Europahuset Apartment is close to all the major sites, a few steps take you to the amazing waterfront walkway and on to the canal tours, or the other way to City Hall ( magnificent place ) Tivoli, The Stroyet? and palaces and churches. The train station is easily walkable even with luggage although watch out for those cobblestones. Two blocks takes you to the supermarket Netto, not the best on the planet, but the prices are good.

    Lynda Maeve, 7 晚浪漫之旅, 2019年04月12日

    Hotels.com 旅客真實評價

  • 8.0.很好

    Handy for walking into the city centre. Clean quiet apartment, comfortable beds, with everything you need for a week's stay. Great views. We never had to wait for lifts, as some reviewers found. We had the breakfast one day, but it wasn't particularly special, so we had our own breakfast in the apartment the rest of our stay.

    4 晚浪漫之旅, 2019年01月29日

    Expedia 旅客真實評價

  • 10.0.完美

    Great views, good service, quiet, needed more toiletries and the shower head needed de scaling

    4 晚浪漫之旅, 2018年12月29日

    Expedia 旅客真實評價

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