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1 間客房, 2 位成人
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里多海斯旅館 - 渥太華

72 Rideau Heights Drive渥太華ONK2E 7A6加拿大3077 5712 (星期一至星期日 7:00am 至 1:00am)
良好3.6 / 5
  • expected what we paid so we were happy, but the bed/mattresses were awful. gave me back…2016年08月15日
  • We weren't in the room that much, so it was fine to use as a way station. It's a good…2016年07月04日
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  • 渥太華, 安大略 (YOW-麥克唐納-卡蒂埃國際機場) 11 分鐘車程,7.2 公里/4.4 英里
  • Ottawa Fallowfield Station 10 分鐘車程,6.6 公里/4.1 英里
  • Ottawa Station 16 分鐘車程,11.3 公里/7 英里
  • 免費自助泊車
  • 延時泊車 (收費)
  • 免費露營車/巴士/貨車泊位

里多海斯旅館 - 渥太華

酒店資訊: 3077 5712 (星期一至星期日 7:00am 至 1:00am)

低至 HK$619
  • 標準客房, 2 張雙人床
  • 套房, 1 張加大雙人床連梳化床
  • 套房, 1 張特大雙人床連梳化床




  • 此酒店有 36 間客房


  • 24 小時登記入住
  • 退房時間: 11:00


  • 需以信用卡繳付按金

  • 需提供由政府發出且附有照片之身份證明文件

  • 辦理入住手續的最低年齡為 19 歲



  • 12 歲或以下與父母或監護人同房並使用現有床舖的兒童可免費入住

  • 未提供嬰兒床


  • 不准寵物進入


  • 免費 WiFi 及有線上網服務 (公共地方)

  • 免費客房 WiFi 及有線上網服務



  • 免費 自助泊車

  • 延時泊車 *

  • 免費 露營車/巴士/貨車泊位


  • 禁止吸煙的場所


  • Rideau Heights
  • Rideau Heights Inn
  • Rideau Heights Inn Ottawa
  • Rideau Heights Ottawa
  • Rideau Heights Hotel Ottawa
  • Rideau Heights Motel




提供延時泊車 (另外收費)

可提供床,但需額外支付每晚 CAD 10


  • 每日提供免費歐陸早餐
  • 公用地方供應咖啡/茶
  • 24 小時前台接待
  • 大堂提供免費報紙
  • 花園
  • 野餐區
  • 無障礙浴室


  • 空調
  • 咖啡機/沖茶器
  • 可要求提供熨斗/熨衫板
  • 遮光布簾/窗簾
  • 梳化床大小 雙人床
  • 雙墊層床墊
  • 半開放式浴室
  • 淋浴/浴缸組合
  • 可要求提供風筒
  • 40-吋 LCD 電視
  • 數碼
  • 桌子
  • 免費報紙
  • 免費無線上網
  • 免費本地通話
  • 雪櫃
  • 每天客房清潔服務

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  • Rideau Heights
  • Rideau Heights Inn
  • Rideau Heights Inn Ottawa
  • Rideau Heights Ottawa
  • Rideau Heights Hotel Ottawa
  • Rideau Heights Motel




提供延時泊車 (另外收費)

可提供床,但需額外支付每晚 CAD 10



良好 3.6 /5 from 113 reviews

里多海斯旅館 - 渥太華
有待改善1.0 / 5
Never Again
I regret all ties with this place now. We arrived Thursday night to learn that the hotel had us listed as a single king-sized bed for four people. The man at the desk changed our room from the single king to two double without trouble. I arrived early Sunday afternoon with a friend to check in and greeted the man at the desk, asking if it was too early to check in. He immediately barked that he needed to see my ID. After arguing with him several times about the room, he told my friend to shut up that he was only talking to one person when she asked a question. After five minutes of him telling us to change the reservation on hotels.com, that he couldn't do it at the desk, and ignoring when we told him that our phones wouldn't work in Canada, my friend tried to call the office and speak to the manager, as he had told us to do, saying the number of the hotel would give us to the manager. So, she called...and immediately received the same man at the front desk. She asked for his name, and he refused to give it to her and refused to help her contact the manager in order to change the reservation. I then went in and told him to cancel our reservation, waited 10 minutes for him to ring up one man with two diet Cokes, and then was told that he couldn't cancel the reservation, we had to do it on hotels.com, and that he would not help us. I would rather sleep in my car on the side of the highway than give this place another cent of my money.
里多海斯旅館 - 渥太華
良好3.0 / 5
Micky mouse hotel
Can't believe a motel like that charges a price like that. Also, breakfast included offered a blueberry muffin and no drink. Won't stay there again
1 晚商務旅遊
里多海斯旅館 - 渥太華
卓越5.0 / 5
We spent the weekend in Ottawa as we had to help move our son to his new digs - he's a student at UOttawa. The location of this motel was 10 minutes or so away from his new place, so it was quite convenient. The room was spacious and clean, the bed was comfortable, and our son was able to spend one night with us there on the sofa bed. Only major drawback was the breakfast selection. Not good for a person trying to eat healthily. Cereal and muffins are a no-no! Would have been nice to see some yogurt or fresh fruits made available.
里多海斯旅館 - 渥太華
優良4.0 / 5
Ok, but not free breakfast
It was average good but there is not free breakfast, it was just muffins and coffee
1 晚浪漫之旅
里多海斯旅館 - 渥太華
有待改善1.0 / 5
Would not stay if they were paying me to.
I booked here after needing somewhere pet friendly to stay for a layover. I have a small dog and called to confirm that would be okay before booking. When I got there it was late and snowing heavily,my cab driver unloaded my luggage whilst I went in to request a luggage cart (which they didn't have) I left my luggage outside whilst checking in and had my dog with meach in hisome pet carrier... Some hours later I took my dog out for a quick walk and got back to my room as the phone was ringing, I picked up to hear the man who had checked me in scream at me "do you have a dog" I replied yes, and he shouted come and see me in the office now and hung up on me. I returned his call and stated I absolutely would not be summoned anywhere and that he has no right to shout at a paying customer ever, especially one who has done nothing wrong. Long story short he threatened to charge my Credit Card the $100 he'd pre-authed prior as he claimed to have not seen the dog and put me in the wrong room. (His mistake not mine) The room itself was really old, in bad condition and dirty. There was no shower head on the shower and the fridge tv and all the lamps were not plugged in when I arrived. There were two things pillows on the bed which was fine as I was alone, would be terrible if two people both needed pillows however. Morning could not come quick enough. I wouldn't recommend this place to ANYONE
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里多海斯旅館 - 渥太華