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  • 大堂免費 Wi-Fi 及免費泊車


  • 特色相片
  • 特色相片
  • 別墅, 私人泳池 - 泳池
  • 特級單棟小屋 - 露台
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Ban Lech, Thanh Kim ward, 沙垻, 19000, Lao Cai, 越南
  • The view was fantastic , beyond my expectation.. facility and room were nice and all…


  • such a beautiful spot. It does not come cheap, but it has made our stay in Sapa. Amazing…


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  • 住宿有妥善消毒
  • 職員有配戴個人保護裝備
  • 住宿確認有加強清潔措施
  • 為旅客提供免費酒精搓手液
  • 免費 Wi-Fi
  • 免費泊車
  • 泳池
  • 空調



  • 33 間客房
  • 每日客房清潔服務
  • 間餐廳及酒吧/酒廊
  • 1 個室外泳池
  • 免費區內接駁車
  • 免費借用單車服務


  • 摺床/加床 (另外收費)
  • 可提供連接/鄰接的客房
  • 免費梳洗用品
  • 花園
  • 露台
  • 每日清潔服務


  • 沙巴大教堂 - 21.5 公里
  • 含龍山 - 21.9 公里
  • 沙壩湖 - 22.1 公里


提提你,儲齊 10 個印花即可兌換 1 晚獎賞*住宿

為 2 位旅客輸入日期

  • 特級單棟小屋
  • 套房
  • 豪華套房
  • 別墅, 私人泳池



  • 沙巴大教堂 - 21.5 公里
  • 含龍山 - 21.9 公里
  • 沙壩湖 - 22.1 公里


  • 老街火車站 - 62 分鐘車程,55.2 公里/34.3 英里
  • 免費區內接駁車
Ban Lech, Thanh Kim ward, 沙垻, 19000, Lao Cai, 越南



  • 33 間木屋


  • 入住時間 13:00-21:00
  • 退房時間: 11:00


  • 請先查閱新型肺炎旅遊限制。




  • 需以信用卡、扣帳卡或現金按金繳付雜費
  • 或須提供由政府發出且附有照片之身份證明文件
  • 辦理入住手續的最低年齡為 18 歲


  • 不准寵物進入


  • 免費 Wi-Fi 服務 (公用地方)


  • 店內免費提供自助泊車服務


語言:英語, 越南



  • 餐廳
  • 酒吧/酒廊
  • 池畔酒吧


  • 室外泳池數目 - 1
  • 泳池太陽椅
  • 酒店設有水療服務
  • 酒店附設免費單車
  • 酒店提供生態遊活動
  • 酒店設有遠足/單車徑
  • 酒店提供爬山單車活動
  • 泳池太陽傘


  • 旅遊/票務協助
  • 乾洗/洗衣服務
  • 洗衣設施
  • 婚禮服務
  • 行李搬運服務


  • 落成年份 - 2005
  • 前台保險箱
  • 指定吸煙區
  • 花園
  • 露台


  • 英語
  • 越南



  • 空調
  • 迷你吧
  • 咖啡機/沖茶器
  • 拖鞋


  • 遮光布簾/窗簾
  • 高級床上用品


  • 淋浴式花灑
  • 只提供淋浴
  • 免費梳洗用品
  • 風筒


  • 桌子


  • 免費樽裝水


  • 每日清潔服務
  • 室內保險箱
  • 可提供連接/鄰接的客房



旅客可於住宿盡情享用 SPA 服務。服務項目包括按摩。


店內餐廳 - 此餐廳為你提供越南菜,並供應早餐、午餐及晚餐。



  • 可提供摺床,但需額外支付每日 VND1899999.0







此住宿接受以Visa、Mastercard、American Express及JCB International付款。不接受現金。


  • 滔帕斯生態旅館
  • Topas Ecolodge Sa Pa
  • Lodge Topas Ecolodge
  • Topas Ecolodge Lodge
  • Topas Ecolodge Sa Pa
  • 滔帕斯生態小屋旅館旅舍
  • Topas Ecolodge Lodge Sa Pa
  • 滔帕斯生態小屋旅館沙垻
  • 滔帕斯生態小屋旅館旅舍沙垻
  • Topas Ecolodge Lodge Sa Pa
  • Lodge Topas Ecolodge Sa Pa
  • Sa Pa Topas Ecolodge Lodge
  • Topas Ecolodge Lodge



  • 是。滔帕斯生態小屋旅館在我們網站上有提供可全額退款的房價計劃。如以可全額退款的房價訂房,你可因應住宿的取消預訂政策,最遲於登記入住前幾日取消預訂即可。有關具體條款及細則,請務必參閱此住宿的取消預訂政策。
  • 此住宿確認以下事項:住宿採用消毒劑進行清潔。另外,住宿有向旅客提供酒精搓手液,而且住宿職員穿戴個人保護裝備。請留意:上述資訊由我方合作夥伴提供。
  • 是的,此住宿設有免費自助泊車服務。
  • 是的,此住宿設有個室外泳池。
  • 很抱歉,恕不准攜帶寵物入住。
  • 你可於 13:00 至 21:00 登記入住。退房時間為 11:00。
  • 是的,店內餐廳坐擁越南菜。附近餐廳包括 Tho Hau (5.8 英里外)、Stunning Homestay (7.2 英里外) 及 Miku Chill House (8 英里外)。
  • 歡迎暢玩越野單車及遠足等店內活動。店內其他休閒康樂節目包括生態遊。你可在室外泳池中痛快暢泳,又或充分善用郊外小屋的其他設施/服務,當中包括SPA 服務及花園等。
  • 10.0.完美

    I like all

    1晚好友同遊, 2019年11月07日

    Expedia 旅客真實評價

  • 10.0.完美

    Amazing Eco lodge

    Jean-marc, 2 晚旅遊, 2019年06月06日

    Hotels.com 旅客真實評價

  • 8.0.很好

    Stunning Scenery

    The setting of the hotel is amongst the best I have ever experienced. Every direction seemingly has a different and stunning view. The infinity pool is spectacular. The food was good but the menu is definitely limited with little variety. We stayed their for 4 nights; probably 2 nights too many. Nice touch trying to be environmentally friendly however we were there for 4 nights and our garbage cans were not collected once. I get trying to limit the waste but waste can accumulate over four days. We would go back again just for the beautiful and unique location.

    Timothy, 4 晚浪漫之旅, 2019年06月03日

    Hotels.com 旅客真實評價

  • 10.0.完美

    relax and get fat :)

    we had a very relaxing stay!!! the staff were courteous and friendly. the food is very good.

    Allan, 1 晚浪漫之旅, 2019年05月22日

    Hotels.com 旅客真實評價

  • 10.0.完美

    The eco friendly approach and super helpful staff.

    1晚好友同遊, 2019年05月14日

    Expedia 旅客真實評價

  • 4.0.一般

    The service in this hotel is poor and inadequate

    We were very disappointed with our stay here. For £290 a night we expected superior levels of service. However, on numerous occasions the service at Topas as the worst we have experienced and occurred too frequently for it to be a one off. As such, we cannot recommend staying here. Here is some more information: - not enough sun loungers for guests. We had to wait 30 mins in the boiling heat before one became free. Staff were unhelpful and unfriendly - they didn’t offer to help or solve the problem. We were not the only ones to experience this - we complained to the hotel reception after this experience. Not only did they not help or resolve, but they didn’t follow up with us afterwards. It was simply never discussed by them. We felt like we weren’t listened to, so we brought this up with the manager. He was unapologetic and dismissive - saying the hotel was full. - the pool area is small and unfortunately there were lots of loud children playing, which made for an atmosphere which wasn’t relaxing - the shuttle bus service is rigid and if you miss it the pay for a taxi at your own expense. The hotel should be more accommodating to guests and not leave them on their own to book a taxi - the Sa Pa office (where you meet to get the shuttle bus) is dirty, dingy and unclean. This is poor for a premium resort - there is a set menu option available after 3pm. As we arrived at 3.30pm we missed this. The hotel knew when we were arriving. Why did they not contact us and ask?

    Annie, 1 晚浪漫之旅, 2019年04月24日

    Hotels.com 旅客真實評價

  • 8.0.很好

    Beautiful setting, amazing restaurant, staff friendly but had higher expectations to their service. Go for the view and the infinity pool, but just for one overnight. Not much to do if you’ve already been to sapa and seen the rice fields there.

    Julia Castro, 1 晚浪漫之旅, 2019年04月21日

    Hotels.com 旅客真實評價

  • 2.0.欠佳

    There is toothpaste, toothbrush, comb, the same liquid inside shampoo bottle and shower gel bottle which i think is shower gel, it make my hait super fry after wash. there is no cabinet as well as no hanger for me to hang my clothes. there is no slippers even the weather there is super cold. i really really disappointed about the hotel which i paid more than $200 US dollar for a night

    HasuYeo, 1 晚旅遊, 2019年02月10日

    Expedia 旅客真實評價

  • 10.0.完美

    This hotel was amazing! First, it's exactly as it describes on the website - no internet/tv in the rooms and it's a very quiet resort. With that, it was so relaxing with beautiful views of the mountains. The rooms are very clean with a nice shower and balcony to relax on. The infinity pool lives up to the expectation - it was beautiful! Service was great. As I read in other reviews, some staff don't speak the best English but always were willing to find someone that does. We rarely had communication issues, and they did everything they could to accommodate us. The food was good - menu is smaller but we were very satisfied with the quality. Food pricing is higher than other areas of Vietnam, but that is expected in a remote resort. We thought pricing was very reasonable - definitely cheaper than other resorts. Breakfast was included and made to order - it was delicious as well. You will read about the ladies that wait outside of the resort to sell you things, so when you go to hike, be ready for them. I will say, when we wanted to go for a quiet hike, they would not leave us alone and followed us for a solid 5 minutes down the road. I've read they will follow you the entire hike, but we found if you don't respond at all, they will eventually leave you alone. They'll always ask where you are from, etc- just don't answer and keep walking. We had luck with that. Overall - very highly recommended this Resort!

    Stephanie, 1 晚浪漫之旅, 2019年02月01日

    Expedia 旅客真實評價

  • 10.0.完美

    Resort with breathtaking view of surrounding mount

    The most striking aspect of this resort is its breathtaking view of majestic Hoang Lien mountain range and famed rice terraces. Even though its location quite far from Sapa town, roughly 30km with winding mountain road that has been under repair so expect bumpy road, traffic jam due to construction, the resort is still well worth it! Located on top of a hill with rows of bungalows built from stone and local material that offer unobstructed view of the mountain. It's very relaxing, calming, and serene to sit on the balcony of those bungalows watching the spectacular sunrise or set ! The bungalow itself was a bit small but cozy and clean. There was no wifi or tv in the room, just you and the beautiful nature surrounded! Staffs were very friendly and genuinely helpful. Even though the choices for dinner menu were kind of limited but the foods were very delicious. The choices of wines offered were exceptionally good and reasonably priced!

    nhan, 1晚好友同遊, 2018年12月05日

    Hotels.com 旅客真實評價

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