Lombard Street is one of the top tourist attractions in San Francisco and attracts over 2 million visitors yearly. Travellers come to see the most crooked street in the world, as it's been called. The famous street is surrounded by Russian Hill mansions and well-manicured lawns, making it one of the most beautiful streets in San Francisco. The one-way street is aesthetically beautiful with its crooked path and incredible architecture. You will find beautiful Victorian-style properties on both sides of the road, representing some of the state’s expensive houses and affluent residents.

    Although Lombard Street is famous, it is the block between Hyde and Jones that attracts the most attention. This section is curvy and has eight hairpin turns. Visitors come to the street daily to enjoy a fun cruise along the steep slope and take a joy ride around those 8 tight turns. Lombard Street is visually appealing, especially during spring and summer when the flowers blossom and frame the Victorian homes.

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    Lombard Street Highlights

    The main highlights on Lombard Street are the fun drive along the steep slope and the 8 turns you will make between Hyde and Jones. The foot traffic of visitors is always heavy between these blocks as everyone tries to take in the scenery. There are a lot of exciting activities you can do while on Lombard Street, however. The street is beautiful and an excellent place to take scenic photographs that are social-media worthy and excellent mementoes of your trip. Many people come to this stretch of the road for professional photography, due to the picturesque street, gorgeous Victorian-style homes, and neatly manicured lawns that complete the picture.

    At the top of the hill, you get to catch a terrific view of San Francisco's skyline. You will see the Bay Bridge and the Coit Tower in the distance from the street. If you want really spectacular views, visit the street in the evening to watch the sunset and check out the illuminated cityscape after dark. Another exciting activity people engage in is to take a scenic walk on the one-way road to see all the architecture.

    History of Lombard Street

    Lombard Street’s famous curves were not deigned for tourism purposes, but for safety. The street was hazardous to pass through because of its naturally steep grade. In the 1920s, a resident suggested adding switchbacks to make pedestrians safer and offer aesthetic appeal. The ‘crooked’ design came about in 1922. The speed limit of 5 mph is the official recommendation to navigate the turns safely.

    Lombard Street is a one-way road, but it was not always so. It was a 2-way road until 1939, when it became a one-way road. As part of efforts to reduce the traffic on the street, tour buses were banned in 1980. The Lombard Street name has nothing to do with San Francisco history; it got its name from a street in the city of Philadelphia. 

    Good to Know When Visiting Lombard Street

    The street attracts lots of people regularly; it is not uncommon to find crowds. You can save yourself from the hectic crowds by visiting at less-hectic periods during the weekdays. The best way to reach Lombard Street is to use the Powell-Hyde cable car (taxi). It will stop at the top of the crooked block where you can make the walk into the famous crooked street.

    Another option is to take your car and drive, but be prepared to experience traffic. If you are using a vehicle, be extra vigilant because the area is notorious for car break-ins. Do not leave valuable possessions in your car. Other nearby attractions include the Russian Hill, San Francisco Art Institute, and Cobb's Comedy Club.

    Lombard Street in San Francisco

    位置: 1000-1099 Lombard St, San Francisco, CA 94133, USA

    開放時間: 24/7


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