Bermuda looks and feels a lot like a little chunk of the UK in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, though there's a lot more to it than that. With a tropical climate and sands that range from idyllic white to peachy pink, it's an excellent place to visit for a chilled-out beach holiday.  Also worth checking out are the towns and cities that offer a bizarre blend of cultural influences.

    Despite being just 21 square miles, there's a huge amount to see and do around Bermuda. There are about 100 historical fortifications of one sort or another to explore, beautiful caves, nature reserves and, of course, the mysteries of the fabled Bermuda Triangle to discover. Come and visit, and you'll wish you could disappear forever too!

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    • 10 Best Things to Do in Bermuda

      The best things to do in Bermuda revolve around the warm turquoise waters and stunning landscapes found on this small island, with its unusual medley of British, African, Portuguese, North American and West Indian influences. Measuring only 20 miles by 2 miles, Bermuda somehow manages to attain a rich cultural history, magical pink-sand beaches, historical forts and a decent...

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